Lecture of Guy Smagghe

We invite you to the lecture of prof. Guy Smagghe on “RNAi as a new tool in modern agriculture.” The lecture will take place on January 12 at 10.30 in the Oval Room at our Faculty. This is another lecture organized as part of the AMU Invited Lectures Series In Current Approaches in Eco-Physiology. 

Dr. Guy Smagghe, born in Belgium in 30 June 1968, is a professor with an expertise in entomology. He is internationally recognized for his innovative research on novel insecticide activities, hormone mimetics, RNAi, and the training of people, from the North and South, in different aspects with pest and beneficial insects that are important in agriculture. Specifically, he supports a more green agriculture with enhancing biodiversity and sustainability to feed a growing population of 9B people.