Department of Animal Physiology and Developmental Biology


The research topics of the Department of Animal Physiology and Developmental Biology focus on understanding the mechanisms regulating the physiological processes of animals at the cellular, tissue and organismal levels. In our research, we mainly use insect model organisms, and recently also cell lines.

As a part of our scientific research, we focus on a variety of issues, and the key ones concern :

1) insect neuroendocrinology,
2) activity of plant origin substances and their potential usage as bioinsecticides,
3) usage of nanoparticles for the design of innovative insecticides,
4) reaction to stress conditions (e.g., thermal and oxidative stress),
5) energy metabolism,
6) activity of insect immune systems.

Moreover, the research carried out in our department concerns: identification and characterization of receptors for biological active compounds; the influence of hormonal and environmental factors on the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, and the mechanisms of action of modified insect peptide molecules on the insect development and reproduction.

In our studies we use many modern and specialized research methods and techniques as RT-PCR and qPCR analysis, HPLC, ELISA, western blot, immunodetection, fluorescence microscopy, polarographic measurement of oxygen consumption, heart and haemocyte biotest, cell line cultures, and many others.